About me


The goal of life is
living in agreement
with nature.
 (Diogenes Laertius) 

Welcome on my homepage

I created this website to give the opportunity to my friends an all people I know to find pleasure in natur. I look inside every day and each time it makes me feel better again. These short moments are strong enough to appease little or greater worries and remind me about how beautiful life really is and I  absolutely appreciate and enjoy it. 

The webside is built up in seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, but I can‘t tell you which one I prefer, I like all of them. In the meanwhile it’s very important for me to be in season, I realize a lot more of nature, of eating and moving.  

So, I would be happy if you enjoy these little moments of happiness you too an I wish you a lot of joy and serenity by looking my pictures.

romy mamer

More nature more life

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