Romy Mamer

I believe I got my love for nature from my father. Every Sunday morning, while my mother was cooking, we went into nature in our neighbourhood where we looked for cowslips, lilies of the valley, wild raspberries, blackberries. In autumn we would search for mushrooms and after the first snowfall of the winter for marks in the snow… Sometimes we saw rabbits, hares, a deer or a squirrel. He explained a lot about seasons in nature to me.

When I turned 18, I bought my first car closely followed by very first analogue camera.  After having discovered my pleasure for photography, I became the owner of a Konica camera. For more than 10 years I bought some lenses and took a lot of slides. My favourite film was the Kodak 100 ASA.

In the meanwhile I got married, had 2 children and most of the pictures during this time were taken by my husband. Then appeared the first digital cameras and we got one too. I was shocked by the concept of taking numerous pictures and deleting those you didn’t like by the simple push of a button. This was not my way of photographing. It took some years before I adopted “the new way” but then rather quickly I discovered the benefits of Digital Photography which above all offered me the opportunity to take pictures of animals.

So I began to combine my love for nature with my pleasures for photography and nearly every day I am outside looking for an interesting theme.

Since, I do have some photographer-friends and I try to evolve by discussing and studying their fantastic pictures and by visiting exhibitions of interesting photographers. The only thing I lack most is patience, which is a great default and I will really have to work on it in order to have better results.



Romy Mamer

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